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Fire Sprinkler Parts and DIY Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire Sprinkler Parts

Home DIY is unadvisable at the best of times, but highly unadvisable when it comes to fitting fire sprinklers. The installation of a fire sprinkler system should be handled by industry experts who have completed previous successful installations and have achieved the necessary industry qualifications and certifications to carry out such work. The situation of a DIY sprinkler installation failing doesn’t bear thinking about – so if you want to protect your family to the best of your ability make sure you call in an expert.

Fire sprinklers are made up of 4 key components that all play a major role in the extinguishment of fire. With the exception of the alarm, should one of these components fail, the extinguisher will not activate properly and lives will be put at high risk.

1. Fire Sensors

A sprinkler detects fire through one of two means depending on the fire sprinkler design; either by smoke sensor or temperature sensor. This component of the sprinkler is obviously vitally important because it activates the water release.

2. The Water Pipe

When the sensor is activated the pipe connected to the sprinkler opens up allowing water to flow through and douse the fire. The water is dispersed through a shower type head that maximises the distribution of water onto the fire.

3. The Sprinkler Head

Otherwise known as the mouth of the sprinkler, the head distributes the water as mentioned in the section above. Unlike a common shower head, a sprinkler head is designed to withstand immense heat and not melt under heat exposure. The sprinkler works at high speed to ensure the environment is not overcome by fire.

4. Sprinkler Alarm

The sprinkler alarm alerts occupants of the house to a fire via a bell or siren type sound. Depending on the fire sprinkler design, the signal is transmitted to the emergency services to prompt the dispatch of the fire service to your home.

Buying Fire Sprinkler Parts

Although it is possible to buy fire sprinklers and fire sprinkler parts through both high street and online retailers, it is unadvisable to do so. If your sprinkler system goes wrong you should be covered by a minimum 2-years parts guarantee. If your system is outside of this guarantee then consult the company who fitted the system. They will be able to determine exactly what part needs replacing and choose the correct part for the system. Buying online, especially from overseas can result in sub-standard or faulty parts. Always be safe and contact a certified installer – taking risks on fire sprinkler parts is effectively playing with your life.

Certified Installers of Fire Sprinklers

At Fire Fighter 24/7 we have 25 years experience of sprinkler installation and maintenance. We are members of the Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) and the UK Fire Association. We are also approved by FIRAS Certification scheme and are members of Safe Contractors. Whether you need system maintenance or a new sprinkler system, we are on hand to advise you on the most cost-effective solution. Contact us today and let us keep you safe from the dangers of fire.

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