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Fire Safety

Fire Safety – Can You Afford to Live Without It?

Fire is its one of those things in life you never think will happen to you, but the reality is this, no matter how careful we are, fire can happen, and does happen everyday; which is why we need to make sure we implement fire safety to the best of our ability.

Fire facts:

- In 2007 there were 385,000 fires in the UK (296,000 of these fires occurred in England).
- In 2007 there were 339 fire deaths in England alone.

With these statistics in mind, fire is not something we can afford to be complacent about, and its time you started seriously thinking about protecting your family home or commercial premises with a structured fire safety plan.
All fire safety tips fall into one of two categories. Firstly, to avoid a fire by implementing fire prevention, and secondly to develop a fire safety plan to follow in the event of a fire alarm being activated or smoke being detected by an individual.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention means being careful with hazardous objects such as candles, cigarettes, lighters, matches, gas cookers and electrical wiring. But no matter how cautious we are, fire can still happen. Therefore we need a method of prevention that kicks immediately should a fire start, and the best solution fire suppressant is the installation of fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers give you peace of mind that should a fire break out instant action will be taken to prevent further spread of fire. In many cases fire sprinklers marginalise a fire to a specific area and little damage is done.

Working alongside smoke alarms installed to alert all occupants of danger, fire sprinklers are an essential part of fire safety strategy. As quick as the fire service are at getting to a fire, depending on the time of day and volume of traffic, fire can spread out of control before they arrive. Sprinklers act as a substitute for the fire service until they can attend the scene. The one substance fire hates is water, so it makes logical sense that fire sprinklers come top of your fire safety tips list.

Fire Safety Plan

Don’t think it will never happen to you, it probably won’t, but if it does you need to be ready. Formulate a fire safety plan. Test your smoke alarms regularly to make sure they are working. Plan escape routes for all your family. Keep fire exits in the work place clear and hold regular fire drills so everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of a fire.

Contact an Expert

Fire kills, which is why Fire Fighter 24/7 is on hand to prevent loss of life and extensive damage to your property. We are a member of the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) and of the UK Fire Association. We are also approved by the FIRAS Certification scheme. If you need a fire safety expert then look no further. Contact us today and find out more about getting a sprinkler system fitted at your residential or commercial premises.

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"Essential Reading For Home Owners, Developers And Architects"

Nick Devine

"Essential Reading For Home Owners, Developers And Architects"

Nick Devine

"Essential Reading For Home Owners, Developers And Architects"

Nick Devine


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