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Fire Safety Equipment

What Is The Best Fire Safety Equipment?

When it comes to fire safety equipment there are a number of different fire safety tips you can follow to safeguard against fire. The most common fire protection equipment tends to consist of one of more of the following:

  1. Smoke Detectors
  2. Fire Alarms
  3. Fire Proof Windows
  4. Fire Proof Doors
  5. Fire Extinguishers
  6. Fire Proof Floors

All these things are positive fire protection methods, but if we break this list down and analyse each piece of fire protection equipment individually, we can expose fundamental flaws in each.

Smoke detector flaws:

  • Possible failure due to low or empty batteries.
  • Fire has already blocked your exit route and the warning is too late.

Fire alarm flaws:

  • Only becomes activated when physically let off.
  • Capable of automatically informing emergency services but fire may take over the property before they arrive.

Fire proof window flaws:

  • Capable of containing the fire but not preventing heat and smoke build up.
  • Stops window blow-outs and physical damage from flying glass, but not capable of stopping burning or smoke inhalation.

Fire proof door flaws:

  • Capable of containment but will not extinguish a fire and may isolate an occupant.

Fire extinguisher flaws:

  • Needs to be physically activated
  • Difficult to access if the fire is already blocking the way or restricting vision due to smoke

The exposure of these flaws is not suggesting that you shouldn’t implement these fire safety tips in your home or work environment, but the point is this. None of these pieces of fire protection equipment can stop a fire once it has broken out. Each one relies on the assistance of the fire service. A fire extinguisher may be capable of stopping a small fire, but this relies on luck, the luck of somebody spotting the fire and having access to the extinguisher. And where fire is concerned, relying on luck is very dangerous.

The Only Sure Way To Stop a Fire

The only sure way to halt a fire in its tracks and save trapped occupants is to install a fire sprinkler system. It is a well document fact that fire sprinklers save lives because of their ability to completely extinguish a fire and smoother poisonous fumes.

In short, yes it is positive to have smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire proof doors, but fires are unpredictable and risks cannot be taken. Therefore there is a fundamental difference between fire safety equipment and fire protection equipment, fire sprinklers fall into the latter category because they actually protect you from a fire rather than merely offering an element of safety.

Consider Installing Fire Sprinklers and Prevent The Worst Case Scenario

If you are considering a fire sprinkler system then make sure you consider a certified expert who can advise you on the best sprinkler installation for your home or workplace. At Fire Fighter 24/7 we have been installing sprinklers for over 15 years and offer a minimum of two years guarantee on all equipment under our annual maintenance contract. We don’t take chances with fire protection and all our equipment meets the rigorous standards set by the British Standards Institute. Drop us a message today for a free sprinkler system quote.


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