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Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance – Reducing the Cost

No one wants to think too much about experiencing a fire, but all the same we need the protection of residential fire insurance and commercial fire insurance companies to financially reimburse us in the event of a fire. Insurance isn’t cheap, but a necessary evil, you pay it in the hope that you will never need to use it - knowing full well that if you don’t have it you will be tempting fate.

Preventing Fire

To avoid ever having to claim on your fire insurance policy there are a number of steps you can take to avoid fire: These include:

1. Regularly assessing electrical equipment for faulty, cracked or exposed wiring.
2. Fitting smoke alarms on every level of your home or office building.
3. Unplugging electrical equipment whenever you leave your home or office for a long period of time.
4. Using the correct fuse voltage in all plugs.
5. Not overloading power supplies or extension plugs.
6. Keeping matches, lighters, saucepans/pans on the hob and candles out of the reach of children.
7. Ensuing that you shut all doors when you leave the office or retire to bed of an evening in order to contain a fire should one break out during the night.
8. Never throwing water onto the flames of an ignited pan or saucepan. Instead, smother the fire with a thick damp cloth, or, if possible put a lid on the pan to starve the fire of oxygen.

Reducing the Cost of Both Residential Fire Insurance & Commercial Fire Insurance

By installing a sprinkler system in either a commercial or domestic building, the insurance premium will generally be reduced by 5-15% depending on which insurance company you choose to take out a policy with. It is advisable to obtain at least 10-15 quotes before settling with one company. Quotes can differ by literally thousands of pounds for commercial premises and hundreds of pounds for residential buildings.

What About Water Damage Caused By Sprinkler Systems?

Contrary to popular belief, sprinklers use only a fraction of the amount of water the fire service will use if they attend a fire at your home or work building. Therefore, the damage caused by a sprinkler system will be far less severe. Insurance companies are fully aware that if a fire breaks out it is better to extinguish the fire via sprinklers than by hoses used by the fire service. In light of this you can expect a reduction on your policy.

Expert Advice On Sprinkler Systems and Reducing Fire Insurance

Another key factor in avoiding ever having to claim on your residential fire insurance or commercial fire insurance is by employing the services of a reputable company. At Fire Fighter 24/7 we employ experts of the highest qualification. Our engineers combine over 40 years experience in dry riser and sprinkler installations and design. We are fully aware of all the latest insurance industry developments affecting fire insurance policies, and therefore are able to offer our clients free advice on the best sprinkler installation and fire protection methods to help reduce insurance costs.

Contact us today to protect your home or work environment from fire and simultaneously reduce your fire insurance policy.

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