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Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Fire kills, it’s that simple. And therefore we all need to take stringent precautions to protect against the dangers of fire in the home. In 2007 the United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Services attended 804,000 fire related incidents. That is over a quarter of a million incidents and amounts to a little over 2002 incidents per day. Fire is very real and takes lives, daily. These terrifying statistics are the primary reason every home should install domestic fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are the only automatic way of protecting your family from fire and ensuring that you don’t lose everything you own, love and cherish to one mistake or one uncontrollable accident.

The Ultimate in Domestic Fire Protection

Fire sprinklers provide the ultimate domestic fire protection by activating without the need for physical intervention. When the heat in a room rises to a certain temperature - usually around 150 -180F, sprinklers secure the safety of a property within minutes by dousing flames with water and suppressing dangerous smoke.

A child becoming trapped in a house fire is not uncommon. Children panic, run and hide, often closing themselves in behind a door rather than taking an opportunity to get out of the house. Domestic fire sprinklers save the lives of trapped occupants by controlling and in most cases extinguishing fire before the fire service arrives.

Smoke Is The Biggest Killer

Even with standard domestic fire protection methods such as fire doors and alarms, it is well documented that smoke is the biggest killer where fire is concerned. Those who live through excessive smoke inhalation often spend weeks in hospital afterwards and many suffer permanent lung or brain damage. The water droplets from a fire sprinkler system weigh down smoke and stop it drifting throughout the property and consuming all available oxygen. Simultaneously the water puts out flames and localises the fire to the area of ignition.

Stop Losing Sleep Over Fire – Install Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Thinking about the possibility of fire in the home is enough to make you worry constantly and lose sleep. The worry of fire can restrict your life to the point where you are scared to leave teenagers in the house alone or leave a babysitter with young children. Fire sprinklers help you sleep at night and live peacefully in the knowledge that there is a personal safety guard in your home ready to attack fire the minute it breaks out.

Domestic Fire Installation Experts

At Fire Fighter 24/7 we take the worry off of your shoulders and fit a professional domestic fire sprinkler installation in your home to ensure the safety of your family. Our domestic fire installation experience spans 25 years with a 100% reliability record. We also offer free advice on passive fire protection and ways to further secure your home. Don’t put it off any longer, stop worrying and start protecting your family today. Contact us for a free quotation now.

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